Converting Android Studio Project to AnroidX

AndroidX is a major improvement to the original Android Support Library.
for using  androidX and  its libraries  and packages  in your  project  , you have  do  some changes  in the  Default  project.after creating  sample  application , you have  to navigate to the file  and  add  these  line of  codes

And  next  click  on the  SyncNow  
Now  we  have  to wait  to sync finished..after  syncing  finished ,we have to go to the      
Refactor -> Migrate   to  AndroidX 
A window  will be opened  and ask you  whether  you want  to create  a  backup  of  yor  project .
Select  folder  Of backup 
And ok
Your project  will be converted  to AndroidX  correctly.

Now you can use its  packages  and  libraries in you application

good luck